About Me

Hi, I'm Lucy.

I live in Sydney NSW with my husband Andre and Jenga the Puggle and all three of us love to eat- especially Jenga who sometimes eats better than we do, thanks to his stomach being accustomed to home cooked meals that I'm locked in to preparing fortnightly until the end of time (because Jenga is of course going to live forever).

I've been cooking since I was old enough to hold a wooden spoon and now food is my comfort and my source of mindfulness. When I'm in the kitchen, everything else fades away and it's here that I can dream and create.

I grew up in Lithgow NSW, a small mining town just west of the Blue Mountains. My two brothers and I had a wonderful upbringing and our parents worked hard to provide us with incredible memories and they of course kept our bellies happy too.

Family occasions always revolved around food and when it came to catering- everyone got involved. Aunts, uncles and grandparents would come piling in to my parent's house with an array of delights which would send the senses in to overdrive. We'd eat and talk around the table and often fall in to food comas after sneaking an extra spoonful of dessert straight out of the serving bowl. There were always plenty of leftovers to share.

Both of my grandmothers are amazing cooks. I have fond memories of plum sauce, savoury scone bread and sticky date pudding. My mum's cooking is like home on a fork and no matter how much I try to re-create her recipes, I can never get it to taste the same. My dad's Bubble N Squeek is also a winner as well as his Steak Diane, always cooked in the electric fry pan.

Despite being brought up on home cooking and nutritious food, when I moved to Sydney ten years ago I found myself overwhelmed with trying to juggle shift work in the hospitality industry and attempting to live my best life as a 22 year old. Cooking wasn't a priority and so I found myself stocking up on convenience foods and as a result, I piled on the kilos without even realising.

Living on a diet of energy drinks, coffee and processed garbage took it's toll on my physical, mental and emotional well-being and at the age of around 26, I subconsciously began reaching back to my roots of real food which I began to prepare in the tiny kitchen of my shared rental.

I found recipes I had never tried before and went for it, tasting as many new foods as I could, experiencing flavours that were completely foreign, eating at fine dining restaurants, wide eyed and in awe of how beautiful food could be. Many times I've cooked dishes that haven't been very good, I over-whipped the eggs or forgot about whatever was going on in the oven. But to me, there is no failing in the kitchen and there is no defeat- I win every time just because the experience is enjoyable.

By the age of 28 I had lost 30kg and yet somehow after getting myself to a place where my body was nourished and thriving, I piled it all back on again. This time, it wasn't because I was eating trash- it's because I couldn't stop eating the amazing creations coming out of my oven and the "off-switch" in my brain when it comes to flavour doesn't seem to exist.

The last couple of years have been the best of my life. I went to Brazil to meet Andre's family, got engaged in Fiji, put my hospitality and retail life behind me and enjoyed a perfect wedding day. I didn't have time to worry about my health so a couple of months ago, after the excitement had subsided and real life kicked in again, my focus really shifted.

A visit to the GP confirmed that my dwindling energy levels could be remedied by losing some of the kilos again and so I started seeing a dietitian. My curiosity when it comes to food has now taken on a new meaning and here I am now, fossicking for a balance between yummy healthy food and a slice of pecan pie with double cream every now and then.

Oh and I always forget to write down my recipes and then kick myself later on for not being able to remember them- so there's that too.

Cake is still on the menu as are hot chips (which should be their own cuisine in my opinion) but Food Fossick is about how to find a happy medium between decadent treats and nutritious food which is affordable, easy and most importantly- delicious.

I hope you enjoy reading along!